Hospital CSSD Equipments

Hospital CSSD Equipments

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Central Sterile Supply Department is a crucial unit of mid-sized or large Hospitals. . Its main function is to provide sterile items, linen, equipment to wards, OPD, OT etc. CSSD module performs a crucial function of maintaining the records of sterile supply in the hospital.

 It is important that all reusable products and instruments are cleaned and sterilized properly according to Standard parameters. Sun Sterifaab has a complete range of Sterilization Equipments, Furniture and Accessories for specific use by any hospital or other Healthcare CSSD/ Sterilization department.

The Sun Sterifaab cleaning and sterilization range includes ETO Sterilizer, Steam Sterilizers, Autoclaves, Laboratory Autoclaves, Pass Box, Washer Disinfector, Hot Air Oven, Ultrasonic Cleaner,  CSSD Furniture and complete range for accessories for a hospital or medical CSSD/sterilization unit.

It allows managing various functions of CSSD department such as collecting, decontamination, assembling, packing, sterilizing, storing and distributing a multiplicity of goods and equipments to areas in the hospital that provide patient care such as sample collection, operation theatres etc.